Kaip patriotiškai nusiteikęs lietuvis Gedimino kalną gelbėjo ir Lietuvą reklamavo

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  • sataniuga

    Na, tas žmogus labai nepanašus į tipišką lietuvį ir labai panašus į tipišką narkomaną

    • Nierka

      Na kaip jau nepanašus ! gi tipinė lietuviška bėrėtė. Nebūtų jokios nuostabos kad dar priklauso partijai – „Rusai puls ant dienų“ žinant kokia ten įvairi driskių šutvė, tai tikėtina net laaaabai juolab, kad niekur nė kriukt ir greitai pašalino. Yra tas pats įrašas estų idėtas, tai bėrėtinai dabar ten murkdosi a la “ dar vienas estiškas vatnikas “ :D

  • Valdas Petrulis

    Valdas Petrulis
    21 mins ·
    Dear Ayatollah ali Khamenei. I am Valdas Petrulis, 37 years old scientist and analyst (political geography, etc.) from Lithuania in central Europe. I would like to meet with you live in Lithuania or in other place, suitable for you (including Teheran). I sugeest to talk between you and me in the surrounding of pleasant atmosphere: tea, cigarettes, whiskey, girls, etc. My proposal for our conversation consists of these thematical fields: 1) why do you pretend as the leader of the Islamic civilization, while you are the Zoroastrian by essence (black sutanas and turbans, humiliation of women, cult of fire, no alcohol, low level of arts and architecture, waiting for the armegedon in the 21st century like Avesta confirms, totalitarian system of society’s control, casta system, racism, etc.)?; 2) why do you hate Western and Jewish culture – maybe too much sex and pluralism could kill you?; 3) why all your geopolitical steps (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza Strip, Turkmenistan, big parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan, Yemen, parts of sub-Saharan Africa like uranium rich Niger, etc.) lead these countries/ regions into ruins, poverty, terrorism, chaos, big fertility, low education? Maybe you are seeking to destroy the Muslim civilization from inside by the darkness and all the world by splitting uneducated, poor youth to prevail in the world?; 4) why you are hiding big percentage of Iran’s GDP and stealing about 50% of the money from the Persian youth (calculate, how much costs your financial support for Qatar, Hezbollah, Hamas, al Qaeda, few African dictator regimes, Kashmir separatists, etc.)?; 5) do you feel a shame, that Persian people are relatively poor, but Iran by natural resources (gas, oil, etc.) is the richest country of the world?; 6) why Persian youth has to suffer the totalitarian system of Ayatollahs – in 1979 your predecessor Khomeini promised good life, but how Persian youth has to drop you out, because you (Supreme Leaders) were not elected by Persians since 1979, but you are deciding who can run for the Presidential elections? 7) THE LAST, BUT NOT LEAST: why are you going into my homeland (only 3 million people) Lithuania by having agents, who hate sex, women’s rights, Western style of life, Jews, etc. like you? Why Artūras Račas, internet portal „ldiena.lt“ and other famous Lithuanians are working for you by splitting propaganda against Lithuanian Western orientation, Lithuanian proud of history, sexuality, Jews, alcohol, etc.? Why do you need my homeland Lithuania? And how you „pick up“ your agents – by chemical help (because after contact with you and your allays „newcomers“ start to hate sexuality, alcohol, women rights, the West., etc.) or by some other way? Please, let me to talk with you about your geopolitical interests in my homeland Lithuania (field No. 7) and in all the world (fields No. 1 – No. 6), including your homeland Iran, where young beautiful youth hates fake prophets like you and your predecessor Khomeini. I will bring cigarettes and whiskey for our conversation. Waiting for your answer. Sincerely interested Lithuanian young scientist dr. Valdas Petrulis. 2017-11-26 22:37 LT.
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